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Philergo Countertop Ice Maker 45 lbs/day, Self-Cleaning for Home Office Bar Parties (Without Bottle)

Philergo Countertop Ice Maker 45 lbs/day, Self-Cleaning for Home Office Bar Parties (Without Bottle)

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Countertop Ice Maker 45 lbs/Day . Ice-Make 24Pcs in 13 Mins . 2 Ways to Add Water . Auto Self-Cleaning Ice Machine for Home Office Bar Party

This electric ice maker produces 24 cubes in just 13 minutes and produces 45 pounds of square ice per day. It's an astounding feat of engineering because it typically takes more than two hours to make ice in a typical refrigerator freezer . which doesn't produce enough ice to cool all the drinks the party needs. A party isn't a party without a bucket of fresh ice! Our Philergo ice machines can produce a second . third . or fourth batch in no time. Philergo ice machines are designed to make ice quickly for immediate use . not to store ice or keep ice frozen. The ice recycling process creates ice . and you no longer need to worry about running out of ice as it melts and recycles the water to make more ice! You can also clearly see the ice-making process through the transparent window so that you can easily spot the number of ice cubes. When the basket is full . the built-in pressure sensor will make the ice maker sense and stop making ice automatically. Not only that but in addition to the traditional manual filling method . you can also choose bottled water with a neck diameter of 2 inches and a filling capacity of up to 5 liters / 1.32 ounces to meet your ice-making needs

Note: Portable ice makers have insulated ice compartments . they are designed to slow down the melting process . but not entirely stop the melting process. If you want to keep all ice made from ever melting . you would need to move the ice from the ice maker to your freezer. The product voltage arrangement is 110V.

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